Alesi: Kiedy walczy się o mistrzostwo serii, marzenia o F1 schodzą na dalszy plan

Alesi: Kiedy walczy się o mistrzostwo serii, marzenia o F1 schodzą na dalszy plan

After winning two of the last three GP3 Series races, Giuliano Alesi has emerged as one of the championship contenders. With 8 races to go, the Italian is only 26 points behind the leading George Russell and is fully focused on fighting for the title.

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“It was a very emotional moment” – Alesi told about his recent victory to ŚwiatWyścigó’s Roksana Ćwik. “I am very happy for me and also for the team, Ferrari, my father and everyone who supports me and who have put a lot of time and effort into my career”.

Alesi responded to the opinion that he is one of the future Formula 1 stars: “If the people from F1 say that, it very honouring and makes me happy, but I do not think of myself in F1 at the moment. I have a long way to go, and it involves gaining a lot of experience and developing as a driver. Of course F1 is a big dream, but when you fight for the championship, that is the last thing you think about”.

The son of F1-race winner Jean Alesi is one of the six drivers participating in the Ferrari Driver Academy: “It is a big honour to be a part of the Ferrari Driver Academy. They help me in everything I do and it makes a difference in me developing as a driver. I would like to thank them, the Trident team and also my father for helping me”.

Asked if he could match his father’s legendary status in the future, Alesi said: “I will think about it when the right time comes”.


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